2Wire DSL Filter

A 2Wire DSL filter, also known as a DSL line filter or microfilter, is a device used to eliminate interference and optimize the performance of a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection. DSL filters are typically used in households or businesses where DSL internet service is provided over existing telephone lines.

When DSL technology is used for internet connectivity, both data and voice signals are transmitted over the same telephone line. However, DSL signals and voice signals operate at different frequencies. Without proper filtering, the DSL signals can cause interference or noise on the voice portion of the line, resulting in degraded voice call quality.

The purpose of a 2Wire DSL filter is to separate the DSL signals from the voice signals, ensuring that each operates without interference. The filter is connected between the telephone wall jack and the devices that use voice services, such as telephones, fax machines, or answering machines.

By installing a DSL filter, the voice devices are isolated from the DSL signals, allowing the voice signals to pass through unimpeded while blocking any DSL interference. This helps maintain clear and reliable voice communication while using DSL internet service.

2Wire is a company that produces various telecommunications and networking equipment, including DSL filters. Their DSL filters are designed to be compatible with 2Wire DSL modems and routers, but they can generally be used with any DSL equipment from different manufacturers.

It’s important to note that DSL filters are typically provided by the internet service provider (ISP) when setting up DSL service. However, additional filters may be needed if there are multiple telephone devices connected to the same line. Each device requiring voice service should have its own DSL filter to ensure optimal performance.

In summary, a 2Wire DSL filter is a device used to separate DSL signals from voice signals on a shared telephone line. It eliminates interference and ensures clear voice communication while using DSL internet service. DSL filters are typically provided by the ISP or can be purchased separately to accommodate multiple devices requiring voice service on the same line.

Modelo: LFT 4-1-GB
Marca: 2Wire
Conexión: RJ11 / DSL
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