Barcode reader YHD 8200

USB barcode reader is a type of barcode scanner that connects to a computer or other devices using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. It is designed to read and decode barcodes, which are widely used in various industries for product identification, inventory management, and point-of-sale applications.

A USB barcode reader typically consists of a handheld or fixed-mount device that captures the barcode image and converts it into a digital signal. The reader emits a light source, such as laser or LED, to illuminate the barcode, and then uses a photosensitive sensor or camera to capture the reflected light pattern. The captured information is then processed and decoded by the reader’s internal circuitry.

To connect a USB barcode reader to a computer or device, you simply plug the USB cable of the barcode reader into an available USB port. The reader is usually recognized as a HID (Human Interface Device) by the operating system, which treats it as a keyboard input device. This means that the decoded barcode data is transmitted as keyboard keystrokes, allowing the scanned information to be input into any application or field where keyboard input is accepted.

USB barcode readers are typically plug-and-play devices, which means they require minimal or no additional drivers or software installation. Once connected, the reader should be ready to scan barcodes immediately.

USB barcode readers are available in various form factors and configurations to meet different needs. Handheld scanners are the most common type, allowing users to manually aim and scan barcodes by pressing a trigger button. There are also presentation scanners that can scan barcodes by simply placing the barcode in front of the scanner’s field of view. Fixed-mount scanners are designed for integration into kiosks, conveyor belts, or other automated systems.

USB barcode readers are widely used in retail, warehouses, healthcare, libraries, and many other industries to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity. They offer a fast and reliable way to capture barcode information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

It’s important to note that USB barcode readers can typically read a variety of barcode types, including linear or 1D barcodes (such as UPC, Code 128, and EAN), as well as 2D barcodes (such as QR codes and Data Matrix codes).

In summary, a USB barcode reader is a device that connects to a computer or other devices via a USB interface. It captures barcode information and transmits it as keyboard input, allowing for quick and accurate scanning of barcodes in various applications.

Modelo: YHD 8200
Marca: YHD
Conexión: USB
Condición: Usado – Funcionando