Modem CNR V1.2

The Modem CNR V1.2 refers to a type of modem that utilizes the Communication and Networking Riser (CNR) form factor and complies with the V1.2 specification. CNR was a slot type commonly found on motherboards in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was designed to provide a standardized expansion interface for various types of communication and networking devices.

The CNR slot allowed for easy installation and removal of compatible devices without requiring a separate PCI slot. CNR modems, such as the Modem CNR V1.2, could be inserted directly into the CNR slot on the motherboard, which provided a dedicated interface and power supply for the modem.

The CNR V1.2 specification outlined the technical requirements and capabilities for modems using the CNR form factor. It ensured compatibility and standardization among CNR devices produced by different manufacturers.

Modems using the CNR V1.2 specification were designed to provide dial-up internet connectivity, allowing users to establish a connection to the internet through a telephone line. These modems supported various dial-up standards, such as V.92 or V.90, which determined the maximum data transfer rate and features supported.

It’s worth noting that CNR modems, including the Modem CNR V1.2, became less common and eventually phased out as broadband internet connections, such as DSL and cable, gained popularity. The higher speeds and always-on connectivity offered by broadband made dial-up modems obsolete for most users.

In summary, the Modem CNR V1.2 was a type of modem designed to be inserted into a CNR slot on a motherboard. It provided dial-up internet connectivity and complied with the CNR V1.2 specification, ensuring compatibility and standardization among CNR devices. However, with the rise of broadband internet, dial-up modems and the CNR form factor became less prevalent in modern computer systems.


Modelo: V1.2
Marca: CNR
Conexión: Interno RJ11
Condición: Usado – Funcionando
Precio: $249.00 MXN